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Your health and wellness are our main priorities.

Primary Care

We help clients with their  primary care needs

DOT physical

We help address problems related to drug and alcohol use.

Nexplanon Insertion and Removal

Fast and pain-free birth control implant and removal procedures.


Convenient healthcare is delivered to you using any mobile device

Medical Marijuana

Useful for patients who have chronic pain or are suffering.

Acute and chronic Health Treatment

Offering medical solutions for any acute and chronic diseases.

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Other ways that we can help you achieve optimal health.


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Healthy Option Clinic endeavors to employ personnel that can treat the individual served with unconditional positive regard and respect. Our clinical personnel are highly trained and demonstrate an ability to provide excellent person-centered care in line with our mission statement. We endeavor to provide an environment conducive to personal and professional growth for our personnel.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Healthy Option Clinic, LLC is to provide the best person-centered primary care and mental health services to support people in their recovery and become independent and fully productive individuals. We employ personnel that can treat the individuals we serve with unconditional positive regard and respect so that they may achieve optimal physical health and mental wellness while they receive our personalized care.

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